About Me

I have over a decade of editing, writing, and research experience. I have worked with native English speakers and non-native speakers. I’ve edited documents for magazines, newspapers, academics, governments, and NGOs. I am proficient in all citation styles and skilled in formatting theses, dissertations, and articles for academic journal submission.

While I've written for magazines and newspapers, my favorite writing projects have been transforming government reports, scientific data, and corporate records, into concise, easy to read, documents. I enjoy the challenge of translating information into compelling narratives. Some of my other favorite projects have been in oral history. I am fascinated with people's stories and how they reflect on their life experiences.

I love doing research. I treat my research projects as detective work and delight in the challenge of uncovering hard-to-find information. My history master's thesis research on the Alaskan Native Yup'ik response to the introduction of epidemic disease, inspired by my early childhood spent in a remote Alaskan village, required highly creative research methods because few historians had previously studied this region. History is my passion, but I have also recently discovered that I enjoy learning about pretty much any field. In my freelance research work while living in Cairo, Egypt I really enjoyed delving into the oil and gas industry, as well as the real estate industry, and learned a lot about Egypt in the process. Since returning to my home state of Alaska several years ago, I continue to pursue a variety of freelance research, writing, and editing projects.

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience


Freelance Researcher, Writer and Editor

Edited and formatted dissertations for graduate students.

Edited and formatted theses for master's students.

Edited Power Point presentations

Recorded and transcribed oral history with elders.

Completed a variety of freelance projects for individuals and businesses. Examples include:

Researched and wrote articles for publication in Egyptian real estate magazines.

Proofread books, including a 350-page book for the American University in Cairo Press.

Wrote web content for a computer software and hardware site.

Edited numerous scholarly articles written by non-native English speakers.

Performed research tasks at libraries, archives, and courthouses in an efficient, timely manner as part of application for a National Historic Site designation.


Freelance Editor, Enago

Provided proofreading, copy editing and substantive editing services on a wide variety of documents for non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations, academic researchers, students, and others.


Research Assistant, American University in Cairo

Crafted literature review for a research paper with Dr. Neveen Ahmed ( Professor of Finance in the Department of Management) on micro finance projects in Egypt.


Lecturer, American University in Cairo

Taught research writing, interdisciplinary discussion, and introduction to essay writing classes for English as a second language learners.

Engaged students in thoughtful, directed discussion and writing activities to improve speaking, writing, and listening skills, as well as analytical and argumentative skills. Also edited multiple drafts of essays per student and provided direct, useful feedback.


Writer, Egypt Oil & Gas

Analyzed news and scientific reports. Scoured databases for useful information. Interviewed leaders in the industry.

Composed articles and longer reports on topics in the oil and gas industry.


Historical Researcher, Heritage Research Center

Conducted online and library research on corporations, businesses, and the environment.

Crafted and edited clear, concise reports for a general audience that summarized scientific data, government records, and corporate documents.


Interlibrary Loan Technician, The University of Montana

Located and processed library materials for Mansfield Library and other libraries with short deadlines.

Navigated a variety of databases, software, and websites to search for requested articles and books on a wide variety of subjects.


Teaching Assistant, The University of Montana

Facilitated small group discussions among undergraduate history students.

Discussed writing and editing techniques, including essay construction, appropriate sources, and grammar. Edited student essays and provided constructive feedback.

Provided informal guidance about college preparation and career choices.

Degrees received

Master of Arts in History, completed Spring 2011, Thesis: The Dwellers Between: Yup'ik Shamans and Cultural Change in Western Alaska

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a History minor, completed in Fall 2004

Additional work and service experience

Pratt Museum, Homer AK, Non-Profit Board Member and now President, 2018 to present

Pratt Museum Collections and Acquisitions Committee Member, 2021-present

Paul Banks Elementary School SITE Council Member, 2020-present

Paul Banks Elementary School Parent Teacher Association Member, 2020-present

West Homer Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Member, 2022

Pier One Theater Mud Bay Bards Board Member, 2020-present

International School of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt, Social Studies and English Teacher, 2014-2016

The Lotus Project, Missoula, MT, Non-Profit Board Member, 2011-2014

United States Peace Corps, South Africa, Volunteer, 2005-2007